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Who we are and what we do

Flowing Fountain Ministry is a yearly non-profit organization located in Central Florida. Our target is to feed the homeless, help families in need and support small churches and ministries. Evangelist Dale Fountain has been ordained and serving in Central Florida for 11 years with an Evangelistic heart. Ministering out of New Life Church of God, Evangelist Dale and Magaly Fountain are looking to forward the Lord's ministry in helping the lost and providing for those in need of food and clothing. Flowing Fountain Ministries was created to do just this.

Flowing Fountain Ministries will be collaborating with other ministries and organizations targeting food and clothing support. In addition to furthering knowledge, this will be a great tool for networking, and creating relationships for ministry growth.

Aside from gaining knowledge and networking, Evangelist Dale Fountain will continue his gifting and calling from God, to preach and evangelize in other churches and ministries on a free-will offering basis.(all love offerings will be directed back into the ministry to accomplish the calling that God has given us to reach the lost, feed the hungry, and clothe the poor). This will be a blessing in continuing to serve others through God's word and open doors for Flowing Fountain Ministries services to be known.

As God leads the ministry in his direction and growth, we hope and pray you would join us and help as we reach Central Florida.

Why We Do It: 

For the word says we should feed the hungry and clothe the poor. God has called us to do just that.

Our Team:

Evangelist Dale Fountain: Founder


Magaly Fountain: Founder and President